Preschool to Receive Two Classroom Makeovers

The Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg will receive two preschool classroom makeovers, courtesy of the new Kentucky All STARS program through the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Education.
Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg Preschool
Photograph courtesy of Chanda Veno

Lisa Burton, who teaches 3-year-olds at the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg, sits in the kitchen area of her classroom that will be given a $25,000 makeover on Nov. 8.

“We won the classroom makeovers at the Kids Ready Now Conference that was held in Louisville over the summer,” Preschool Director Michelle Robinson said. “We originally won one classroom makeover and were very excited about that award. Then, before fall break, we received the good news that, in fact, we had won two classroom makeovers.”

The renovations each cost about $25,000 per classroom and include everything from learning materials to rugs, tables and chairs. Robinson, who also teaches the 4-year-old preschool classes at CAL, and Lisa Burton, who teaches the 3-year-olds, were able to pick out all the furniture and furnishings from the Lakeshore Learning Company.

The classroom makeovers will take place Nov. 8, with the company providing a team of workers to unload the 18-wheelers, assemble the furniture and setting up the classrooms. There will be no disruption in the class schedules for the 12 3-year-olds and 27 4-year-olds that attend the preschool, as they will be moved to different classrooms during the renovation.

The preschool is rated a 3-STAR center, however, the classroom makeovers will likely bump the preschool to a 4- or 5-STAR center. “The system is based on Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and research-based indicators of quality,” Robinson explained. “We are excited and feel very blessed to receive such a distinguished honor.”