Is It worthwhile to send your children to a Christian school? We wholeheartedly say “Yes.” Because whether your children attend public or Christian school, their education shapes them in several ways:

•  Academics
•  Skills
•  Worldview
•  Spirituality

Our vision for students includes the integration of a Biblical worldview into our curriculum where character, values and essential life skills are emphasized and modeled by a professional and dedicated faculty & staff. As a Christ-centered school, students are taught how to integrate Biblical truth and learning into their daily lives to impact the culture for Christ. The study of the Bible is a required part of the curriculum beginning in Preschool and continuing through grade 12. The goal of the curriculum is for students to “grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God” (Luke 2:40). In the pursuit of wisdom, emphasis is placed on practical application of the Bible, recognizing God calls us to not just be hearers of the Word, but doers as well (James 1:23).

Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg exists to challenge our students’ minds. We believe it is our mandate from the Lord to be excellent in all we do. First and foremost, CAL is a school committed to the learning process. Our goal is to provide each family with a great Christian education. We believe a school can be both academically superior and remain committed to the Christian faith. We strive to accomplish this in every classroom. Our teachers are outstanding at what they do. Over 80% of the Faculty and Staff hold advanced level degrees.

Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg strives to be an intentional Christ-centered community. We are a school and do not want to replace the time families spend in corporate worship at church. We exist to stand beside our parents who are called to be the primary educators of their children in all areas; particularly their Christian upbringing. Overall, the expectation of the school is that parents model a personal pursuit of God marked by an upright character and regular church involvement.       

ACSI Schools: The Best Choice for Your Child

A Christian education at an ACSI member school will help your child grow spiritually, academically, and culturally. In fact, the recent Cardus Education Survey and other education studies show that ACSI schools develop the whole child better than any other type of school.


1. ACSI schools have the greatest emphasis on student development of moral character and personal virtue.
2. Christian school graduates are significantly more likely to pray and read Scripture both alone and with family.
3. ACSI schools have the highest belief in biblical accuracy in scientific and historical matters.
4. Christian school graduates are more likely to attend religious services and respect the authority of church leadership.
5. ACSI schools most often include these among their top priorities: for students to have a close, personal relationship with God and for students to develop a Christian worldview.


1. Since 1974 ACSI schools have scored significantly higher than the national norm in every grade level on a national achievement test.
2. ACSI school students read at least one grade level above the national averages as measured on a national achievement test.
3. ACSI schools average more required course credits in math, science, English, biblical studies, civics, social studies, art and music, and physical education than all other programs surveyed.
4. ACSI school graduates attend college at a significantly higher rate than the national average.
5. Christian school graduates are more likely to attend a religious university and obtain more years of higher education than their public school peers.


1. Christian school graduates donate significantly more money to their churches, religious causes, and other charitable causes overall.
2. A greater percentage of ACSI schools offer missions and social service trips both in the United States and Canada.
3. Christian school graduates give more of their time to volunteer in their congregations, on missions trips, and on relief/aid trips.
4. ACSI schools have greater student involvement in community service, politics, and fine arts than nonmember Protestant Christian schools.
5. Christian school graduates have a stronger sense of direction in their lives and are more confident in their ability to deal with life challenges than their peers.