Preschool Curriculum:

The Christian Academy's Preschool & Kindergarten offer weekday school programs that provide a safe and nurturing environment, reflecting the principles of Christian love. We are committed to the development of each child’s strong sense of security, positive self esteem and a life-long enthusiasm for learning. We believe that preschool age children learn primarily through play. Therefore, our classrooms encourage active involvement and meaningful experimentation. Knowing that the children also need routine in their lives, we schedule each program to offer a balance of structure and free choice as well as quiet and active times. The purpose of our school is to provide a program that will benefit the child, the parent and the community. Our staff will provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. Our skilled staff is continually enhancing their qualifications through workshops offered by accredited agencies.



Students are required to wear uniforms. Please visit the uniform page to see requirements for the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg. Fridays are spirit/dress down days. Students may wear a CAL t-shirt and jeans if they like. Jeans may not be ripped, torn, frayed, or form fitting.

Daily Schedule


Each classroom’s daily schedule is similar but based on appropriate age levels and readiness.

7:00-8:15- “Free play” -All learning centers

8:15-8:35- “Circle Time” – Pledges, calendar, weather, letter & number of the week, Bible story, monthly thematic theme activity.

8:35-8:45- Bathroom Break

8:45-9:00- Snack

9:00-9:30- Gross Motor Play outdoors or indoor gym (inclement weather)

9:30-9:45- Group activity- table time

9:45-10:40- “Free play” -All learning centers

10:40- 11:00- “Free play” continues and preschool dismissal.

11:00-11:30-“Free play” outdoors, outside or gym.

11:30-12:30 -Bathroom break and lunch.

12:30-12:45- Bathroom and “Free play”

12:45-2:30- Nap time and bathroom

2:30-2:50- Snack

2:50-3:20- Gross Motor Play outdoors or indoor gym (inclement weather)

3:20-5:15- “Free play” -All learning centers

5:15-5:30- Clean up and dismissal