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ACT Sequence

TerraNova3 > EXPLORE > PLAN > ACT

The ACT ( is a curriculum based measure of college readiness. It tests English, math, reading, science, and writing (optional). It includes a career interest inventory for the student. The ACT compares student scores against the knowledge and preparation expected by entry-level college instructors from across the nation. The ACT is considered a college readiness test based on what a student has learned in high school. Scores are reported on a scale of 1-36. Benchmarks are published and if a student scores at least at the benchmark level, they are predicted to obtain a “B” or higher 50 percent of the time and a “C” or higher 75 percent of the time in a corresponding college course. All Charlotte Christian School students are encouraged to take the ACT.

SAT Sequence

TerraNova3 > PSAT > SAT

The SAT Reasoning Test assesses students reasoning based on knowledge and skill developed in their course work. There are also SAT subject tests that measure student knowledge and application of that knowledge in a specific subject. The SAT is prepared by the College Board ( The College Board discourages the use of the SAT for purposes of ranking states, districts, and schools because other factors make such comparisons invalid. All Charlotte Christian School students are encouraged to take the SAT.