Admission Process:

New enrollments are encouraged to set up a time for a campus visit and interview. Please call (502) 839-9992 or email Sandra Bowman, Head of School. We require that all students entering grades 4-12 be present at the interview. Younger students may attend if parents prefer. The Admission’s Committee will notify the parents within ten days of the interview concerning admission. The purpose of the interview(s) is to:
Ensure that at least one parent believes and is committed to the Scriptural principles which are enunciated in CAL's Statement of Faith;
Confirm the parents’ desire for a Christian education for their child;
Determine the parent’s understanding of a Christian education;
The family beliefs and practices are consistent with the standards and values of CAL;
The student expresses a desire to attend CAL and agrees to live in harmony with school standards;
Academic records and/or transcripts of previous school work, health records, and references are reviewed and found to be acceptable under the standard set by CAL;
Answer questions that parents/students may have regarding CAL.
If approved, families will be asked to complete the required enrollment papers. Please review all enrollment and instructional fees in said packet. Enrollment and instructional fees will need to be paid before certain deadlines.
Additional forms, such as birth certificate, report cards (previous year and last quarter), standardized test results, and immunization records are required with the application along with applicable enrollment fees.
If you seek to apply for financial assistance, please log in to FACTS Tuition Assistance.
Students entering K or 1st grade will be assessed for readiness. Students entering grades 2nd – 12th will receive a test measuring reading level, math and grammar skills, as well as writing aptitude.


Decision on Admission:

Standard Admission – is offered by CAL Admissions Committee to those students who meet all requirements for enrollment at CAL.

Probationary Admission – is set by CAL Admissions Committee due to extenuating circumstances brought about by the student’s academic or behavioral profile.  This probationary period would vary in length from one term to the entire school year.  Disciplinary probation would be established due to past behavioral problems, attitudes expressed during the interview or concerns raised by references.  As with academic probation, students placed on disciplinary probation will be mentored and monitored during the length of the probation period and evaluation made as to the student’s continued enrollment at CAL.