The Christian-based dress code provides a sense of school unity as well as bringing focus to the broader areas of educational benefit within the school setting. Dress does affect behavior. We encourage parents to remember this truth as they select clothing for their children. This is a Christian school, which seeks to bring Christian scholars to maturity. We are to be guided by principles such as, “Let all things be done decently and in order,” “let your moderation be known to all men,” and “let nothing be done for a showing that is essentially vain in its outcome.”


All uniform tops are to be solid (one color) but can be any color.

Logos may not be larger than 1 inch.

All uniform bottoms are to be navy, khaki, or black only.

Friday’s are spirit/dress down days. Students may wear a CAL t-shirt and jeans if they like. Jeans may not be ripped, torn, frayed, or form fitting.

School uniforms are to be worn at all times unless otherwise indicated by the administration or through the teachers of the Academy.


Affordable uniforms may be purchased at www.frenchtoast.com. Old Navy and Wal-mart also offer a great selection of uniforms at low prices. Please use school source code QS47EMQ when ordering uniforms through French Toast.
Click here for a Sample Uniform Page from French Toast