PKE (Partners in Kingdom Education)


The purpose of the PKE is to Protect, Promote, and Provide:

  • Protect CAL’s Mission,
  • Promote Christian Education, and
  • Provide for the Financial Success of CAL

All teachers, parents, and grandparents, by their affiliation with the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg, are members of PKE.  The purpose of PKE is to assist in coordinating volunteers that will serve both the classroom students and the teachers and to assist in raising funds that will directly benefit and enhance the learning experience for students. The mission of these support groups is to promote the Christian education and to create a greater fellowship among all parents, teachers, staff, and the student body.  They are a valuable asset to the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg. For information on how you can help the school or PKE, contact Emily Spurlock


President, Emily Spurlock 
VP, vacant
Secretary, Kayla Broughton
Treasurer, Troy Hickman